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Online Casino Bonuses

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Many people who play online casinos regularly will be familiar with the term ‘online casino bonuses’. They are often referred to as ‘win-win’ offers as they often involve a great deal of in-game action being rewarded with bonuses that provide extra cash. Here you will learn the latest online casino bonuses arranged in the order of their size.

Welcome Bonus – This is one of the newest casino bonus schemes currently on offer and as the name suggests, it is designed to reward those who sign up with an online casino site. It is usually worth around 50% percent of a full deposit, but it is not possible to exceed this amount of cash, although there may be a few exceptions for ‘extra money’ bonuses that are offered.

Free Casino Slot Games – One of the best casino bonus schemes, this is also one of the most popular. With a variety of games available and a generous welcome bonus to boot, this scheme attracts many players. The bonus money includes bonuses for cash games, tournament entries, progressive slots, video slots and spinners, jackpots, and so on.

Freebie Codes – Another popular online casino bonus scheme, the freebie code offers a range of casino gaming experiences including free spins and free games as well as other gaming activities such as playing for real cash prizes. This is also a good scheme to use if you are just getting started in the world of gambling as many sites will also give you a free ‘joker’ or ‘spin’ card along with your first deposit.

Double Bonus – This scheme is one of the oldest and has continued to grow in popularity over recent years. With both a welcome bonus and a second ‘bonus’ amount based on the total amount of money you have withdrawn, this offers the benefits of both the free casino slots and the freebie codes.
Casino Bonus Tickets – These are usually offered as a way for online casinos to reward their players with tickets for playing in games where they may be able to win a jackpot. A small deposit is required but once the maximum limit of jackpot wins has been reached, the player is given another free ticket or bonus to play in the future.